i'm southern. flirting is part of my heritage.

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Everyone you meet is fighting a different battle.

Stop judging people.  Stop acting like you are bigger, better, and badder than everyone you meet.  Congratulations, you’re successful.  Not everyone has your life and not everyone wants it.  What people want is to be HAPPY.  Even the happiest people have sad days.  But when does a low become so low that we should worry about our friends?  How do we know? Some people are such great actors.  Have you ever been so high up on cloud 9 and then someone gives you some terrible news and you fall so hard off of your cloud that you aren’t even sure how to get back up there?  Have you ever gotten a phone call that a great friend committed suicide? Where do you go from there? 

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I love my job.

I love being a horse trainer.  There is nothing in the world more rewarding than to know that a horse that you are training understands the language in which you are communicating to him.  The relationship I have with my horses is unlike any other relationship in the world, and for that I am so grateful.